Am I A Starseed? (Supporters' Early Access)Watch now (45 min) | Come hang out with me for a while. Unedited, extended vlog. 2022-09-13. (45 minutes).
Endless BattleListen now | Podcast, 8 August 2022 #Cults #ToxicSpirituality #Trauma #Borderline #ASD #SocialMedia #Community
Endless BattleWatch now (41 min) | Vlog, 8 August 2022 #Cults #ToxicSpirituality #Trauma #Borderline #ASD #SocialMedia #Community
A Little Check InWatch now (9 min) | A mini vlog about questioning spirituality
Using Apps for Self-Care as a Neurodiverse Person | Not Selling My Soul to My PhoneListen now (25 min) | A vlog about spirituality and looking after myself in isolation
A Post About Social Media
Anxiety and How I Deal | Energies? Collective? Astrological?Watch now (6 min) | A Quick Vlog in the Park About Intense Bodily Experiences
Inspired by a comment on my YouTube channel
I Got Blocked by Bentinho Massaro | The Rolling Stone ExposéListen now | Rebooting the NorthSoulStar Podcast 2022-04-19. Where have I been?
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