Apr 19, 2022

I Got Blocked by Bentinho Massaro | The Rolling Stone Exposé

Rebooting the NorthSoulStar Podcast 2022-04-19. Where have I been?

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Aeryn North
A podcast / vlog / journal about healing, trauma, spirituality, mental health, and learning to be a human.
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My reboot of the NorthSoulStar Podcast begins with a heartfelt (and somewhat salty) rant and honest chat about my experience as an online follower of Bentinho Massaro, and his spiritual teachings. I talk about the last few months of breakdowns and how spirituality has completely changed for me in 2022.

Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Bs70gf7uf4Q

I'm feeling new motivation and inspiration to express myself, and tell my story. I hope you will excuse the rambling nature of my vlog, and that you will follow along with me for new updates.

Disclaimer: https://northsoulstar.substack.com/about

Please be advised that some of the information presented in this podcast, the Rolling Stone article, and on the whistleblowers' blogs, social media accounts, and podcasts may be very triggering and upsetting.

Rolling Stone article: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/instagram-guru-bentinho-massaro-polyamory-cult-sex-1300039/

Whistleblowers' Website: https://www.themirroreffect.info/

A Little Bit Culty Podcasts: https://www.alittlebitculty.com/season-3/blog-post-title-one-kldc6-en2f4-3cbje-bc9ak-ebcw6-e8fyn | https://www.alittlebitculty.com/season-3/blog-post-title-one-kldc6-en2f4-3cbje-bc9ak-ebcw6-e8fyn-xbkyn

Whistleblowers' Social Media: https://www.instagram.com/jadealectra/ | https://www.instagram.com/x.keilan.x/ | https://www.instagram.com/jacq.aly.graham/ | https://www.instagram.com/susan.nijsingh/ | https://www.instagram.com/calliesorensen/

Recorded 2022-09-19

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